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Dear America, The Statue of LiBUBerty hopes you had a safe and enjoyable holiday. The fun’s not over yet though, you can meet her this Friday near Chicago at The Yetee Art Gallery-

Pet her, get an exclusive “I PET BUB” shirt, a signed print, and attend an art opening consisting entirely of BUB-themed Art on September 5th at The Yetee Art Gallery in Aurora, IL near Chicago. This is a fundraising event, all proceeds benefit animals in need. More details here:


During an infection, viruses spread from infected to uninfected cells and can be spread cell-to-cell. Here, murine leukemia virus undergoes cell-to-cell transmission via filopodial bridges to physically link the two cells.

Image: Cos-1 cells generating murine leukemia virus (MLV) expressing Gag-YFP (red) were co-cultured with uninfected XC target cells expressing the MLV receptor mCAT-1-CFP (green) and imaged using time-lapse fluorescence microscopy. Images were taken approximately every 2 minutes and compiled in a time-lapse movie. Learn more in Sherer et al.(2007) and Jin et al. (2009).

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